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Tri-fuel Generators that are true Hybrids!

These machines are not other generator brand can offer:

1 carburetor


3 Fuels


Yamaha Generators ready to run on gasoline, propane, or natural gas.


Everybody's talking about GREEN these days.  We are pround to say we have always been green and long before all the hype. 

We were green when green wasn't cool!

end * * *


ef2800i yamaha generators  Yamaha EF2800i

  The links below offer details and information regarding accessories available for the EF2800i.

Complete unit detail links

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bullet Generator Specifications This page has the links to the Yamaha Generator Sizing Chart and any available Yamaha Accessories.
bulletUS Carburetion Accessories available for the EF2800i
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Hybrid Tri-Fuel * Natural Gas Propane & Gasoline Ready and engine meter EF2800i-H $1641.02 Add to Cart

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