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Tri-fuel Generators that are true Hybrids!

These machines are not other generator brand can offer:

1 carburetor


3 Fuels


Yamaha Generators ready to run on gasoline, propane, or natural gas.


Everybody's talking about GREEN these days.  We are pround to say we have always been green and long before all the hype. 

We were green when green wasn't cool!

end * * *


Automatic Generator Start Control Module

Start and stop your generator automatically.  The GSCM can be installed on any of the Yamaha generators that have electric starting capability and equipped for propane or natural gas.  The GSCM can be controlled by a water level switch, pressure switch, any type of dry contact switch or relay and/or by monitoring a power outage.  We can custom build a generator that will crank the engine, connect the load, then turn off the load and shut down; all automatically. 


As an example, one customer had a need to refill a pond for cattle but the area was too far from the grid for electrical hookup to be cost effective.  This customer ordered a custom built Yamaha EF6600DEC  equipped with the GSCM to operate automatically and unattended.  He had the gas company set a 500 gallon propane tank and fill on route.  Total cost less than 10% of the quoted price from the power company.

Since this is a custom application please call and ask for the technical department for any questions and pricing. 



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